Kay Watkins

So much death, so much pain,
At times too little, or too much rain.
So many things to cause much despair,
Mostly people that just don’t care.

So many wars, so much strife.
Some wanting to end up taking their life.
“Happy holidays! Be of good cheer!”
For many it ain’t gonna happen this year.

What can WE do to make it better?
For others to get through their stormy weather?
Can we help alleviate another’s pain?
Help them get on their feet again?

Can we spare a brother at least a dime?
Lend an ear to a sister for at least a short time?
Pray with them if that’s what they ask?
Share a warm smile piercing the mask?

Happy holidays? Be of good cheer?
Only if we help another to make it dear.
Let us be the umbrella for their stormy weather,
To truly make their holiday a little better.

Photo & poem
by Kay Watkins

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