ZEKİ ÇELİK :Şarkikaraağaç Bey, I was born in the village. Deceased: 1st President of TRNC R. Rauf Denktaş, before publishing Children’s Poems, Nature Poems, Religious Poems, Love Poems and Cyprus Poems, by establishing Zeki Çelik Publishing in 1990, while writing works on every subject in my half-century-long artistic life, I was the guest of In 2000, I was instrumental in the establishment of the Lake District Writers and Poets Association to bring together the hands that hold the pen, the languages ​​that speak the truth, and the Loving Hearts, and while I was the chairman for a while, I published the 15-issue bulletin of the association Duygu Selli, I organized international poetry and music programs competitions. In 2003, I established an association for the mosque with a minaret in the middle of the circle, the draft of which belongs to me, and in 2007 I delivered the mosque in Kirkuk district to the Şarkikaraağaç Mufti and helped it open for worship. While receiving awards in various branches, I was a guest of local and national radio TV programs. While I was writing more than 100 works in every branch of literature, I wrote about twenty thousand poems under the Love of Love series by touching on the problems of women, the comments of men, their good and bad situations. I touched on many other subjects such as my novels, stories, anecdotes, logic questions and, if they didn’t know, children’s tales on every subject, such as love of ancestors. I submitted 100 of my poems on Atatürk to the 100th Anniversary Celebration Coordination Presidency. In 2014, I opened my Zekice Culture and Art House, which contains thousands of my archives, with the participation of international poets and writers, and presented it to the public. I also presented it to the needs of my fellow fateful friends I met due to my cancer. At the opening, I distributed my book The Victory of Perseverance from Dreams to Reality to the visitors and I still continue to distribute.

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