My inimitable one,
Please forgive me.
I won’t deny love.
Dearly beloved, you see.

Don’t be offended, honey,
I don’t want to be apart.
It was a misunderstanding,
Don’t take it to heart.

Rivers don’t flow backward,
Be the cure for the ailment.
You are my worthy flower,
Let’s bring love back.


Don’t shed your rainy tears,
Raise your head higher,
The sun again will shine and appear,
The wind will chase away
The black clouds on the life require.

Don’t sink into sadness and pain,
Don’t be sad, don’t belittle yourself,
Don’t let dirty words stain the road, be sane,
I say it to you to help.

Put out the fire of sordid deceit,
You’re a neighbor – for the most part,
I’ll shine on you; I’ll hear your heart to beat,
If you say no to your misconduct.


Did it come late, or did it get lost?
Only on the threshold of my fortieth birthday,
Love flew in and changed my life.
I feel the emotion in my heart every day.

I want to hear your velvet voice again,
I look at you gently; you’re like a light,
This beautiful bouquet was given by you,
I inhale the scent with great delight.

Shining with a passionate feeling, unchanging,
I sing a song for the whole universe,
I am getting younger for my time, for the century,
Because I glorify true love in my verse!


I am happy that I came into the world,
In the moonlit nights I lay in my cradle,
The laws of life are known without the words,
They’re in our minds – unshakable, stable.

Living conditions must be observed and saved,
Everything is given to us by nature.
So let’s plunge into the world of a loving wave,
Let’s go to the dreamland with a rapture.

In different ways I live in the sublunary world,
Tasting the berries that are given by nature,
Sometimes we have to endure adversity a lot,
But the vagaries of life are natural.

Isn’t existence an earthly paradise?
All creatures, a man and a fly – are happy whole.
Thanks to life. If my earthly life were merry, nice
I would die with a calm and peaceful soul.


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