A. Kadir Paksoy was born in Darende county of Malatya province, Turkey (1954). After graduating from the Gazi Education Institute in Ankara, he studied at Eskişehir Anadolu University, Department of History.


After teaching in various parts of the country, he settled in Ankara. He retired as a history teacher in 2002. In 1987, he published the New Poetry magazine with a group of young poets. After this magazine, which could be published in 16 issues, he started to publish his products in the Anatolian Culture magazine, which was published together with Ümit Sarıaslan in 1990. This magazine was published in 40 issues at intervals until January 2001.

He was able to continue the Tan Literature magazine, which he started to publish alone at the end of 2005 and published “as long as he provided quality products and money” only for six issues.
A. Kadir Paksoy has been “exiled to the French language” since 2009. He became “communed” in his retirement to the French language which he has flirted throughout his life with, and he continues to translate poems, especially from contemporary French poets.
The poet, who is deemed worthy of many awards, has sixteen poetry collections. Finally, his collective poems were published as Kadir Bey History and My Mother Loved Me Most in Life.